Loving all things postcard I am really enjoying the idea behind Lamb eats Wolf’s postcard collaboration. The idea is that you write a single word or phrase on a postcard and send it to her and she will write a flash fiction piece inspired by each phrase and image she receives. She is planning to do one hundred.

I’m loving this idea so much that I’ve cooked up a special deal. I have seven postcards in my postcard pak at the moment. The first seven people to email or DM me with the word/phrase they want included will receive a free postcard to be used for this collaboration. Nominatee the postcard you want but nominate the postcard you prefer and I’ll do my best to ensure you get it!

I will write the word or phrase you send me onto the postcard and send it in for you, with all your details. I will also send you a photo of the front and back of the postcard so that you know what your entry looks like. You can email me dougiedehondAThotmaillDOTcom. Or find me on Twitter.

Of course if you already have a postcard you want to use then check out Lamb eats Wolf’s postcard collaboration to read the details and to find out where to send your postcard.

And what better time to make sure you’re always ready for any future postcard arty shenanigans by purchasing a Lucky Seven Pak now. Just in case?

Here are the seven postcards: [apologies for creative alignment. having a couple of moments and no time to fix it right now ;-( ]

Laneways and dreamsUnchain my heart

7 thoughts

  1. Postcard number one has been taken, it is Rusty, the third in the top row above.

    DM or email me with your entry for one of the remaining six postcards.

  2. Oh! Rapture! That’s my word for the postcard. I love that word. Clearly, the ‘Them Bones’ postcard will do my word justice most of all, but I’m happy to surrender myself to chance in that respect.
    I’ll send you my new address in a sec. X.

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