The only way is up

If I was more organised this post would have been up in time for International Women's Day last weekend but it is the nature of a woman's work that it is never done so of course, that didn't happen! About three weeks ago now Val and I invited Caz Whitehead and Anna Thompson onto the Yarra… Continue reading The only way is up

Getting women on to bikes

Val and I took a break from the Yarra BUG Radio Show over the summer and this was our first day back in the studio, you might hear a couple of glitches! We eased into the show with some news, the Herald Sun Tour and of course the mass Everlasting on the previous weekend. Our… Continue reading Getting women on to bikes

Going Dutch

I love hearing from people who've been to the Netherlands, especially when its a visit to one of my favourite towns, Utrecht. In this week's programme on 3CR Val and I were joined by Melbourne City Cr Cathy Oke. Cathy was recently on a study tour of the Netherlands, along with a dozen other Australians… Continue reading Going Dutch