If I had time I’d tell you about all the cycling we’ve been doing (30daysofbiking) and various other things. But I don’t.

So all I’ll mention is that there are two new cards in the shop today. Truckin’ and Dodger.

And just one last thing, because it is an important issue. While I did have my heart set on a sparkly green helmet I now am thinking of something a bit more summery. Yellow maybe?

shopping for blokes

Its Father’s Day in just over a week. If you’re searching for something with which to celebrate his perfect combination of manliness and the softy-within then look no further.

A limited edition fine art print such as Rusty allows your main-squeeze, old-man, grandpa, father-in-law or adopted uncle to celebrate his arty-farty-ness in a manly corrugated-iron sort of way. Printed on Kodak Lustre paper at 24 x 32 inches this is a big rugged chunky peice of shed-ery that any bloke would be happy to have on his wall. It looks great framed but just as good pinned to the wall as is in an arty-farty gallery kind of way.

For the more conceptual sort of fella; the worrier, the thinker, the short-sighted, the bloke who can’t find his way home from the pub, there is Laneways and Dreams. More rugged rusty stuff but this time encapsulating the eternal questions, who am i? where are we going? what does it all mean?

And for the conceptual guy who has got to have the unique, the one-off, there is always Artefact #2.

As usual there are also fabulous Father’s Day cards, conveniently blank inside so that you can say whay you really think. Don’t forget to email me if you have any questions at all about variations on the prints online or local delivery. I have a bike! 😉