Fire, water.

Today’s been a weird day so far; full of busy-ness and drama and its only just past midday!

This morning at 7.30 am our plumber arrived with six blokes and five rainwater tanks. The place is a hive of activity and Boef is beside himself with excitement as at the moment the backyard is a frenzy of digging and testosterone. With our existing tanks and the new ones we will in the end have 13500L all linked up in one system with water pumped into the toilet cisterns, the laundry, the veggie garden and best of all; a rainwater tap installed in the kitchen! 😉 The work is scheduled to finish on Friday and the heavens are scheduled to rain after that. Fingers crossed!

On a more serious note I got the shock of my life this morning when I took my usual route through the laneways, popped out into the very next street only to discover a friend’s house badly burnt and sorounded by police tape, police cars and fire trucks. Instant nausea.

Luckily, it turns out our friends are safe. But only just. They haven’t been allowed back yet to see what is left of their posessions, but they already know that their little boy has lost all of his clothes and that one of them, an artist, has lost all of her recent work. I can’t imagine how devastated they feel.

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