To market, to market …

Brunswick East Primary School are holding one of their twice-yearly Twilight Markets at the end of November. These aren’t the slick corporate events some other schools enjoy hosting. More like a miracle of chaos and anarchy that somehow all falls into place on the day. ‘Organic’, a bit rough around the edges, and very enjoyable for it.

The Market is on Friday November 27th from 3.30 until 8.00, there will be live music, a glass of wine, some great craftiness and best of all, some really yummy food to be provided by Ms Helen from each peach.

Twilight Market BEPS 2009

I too will be jumping on the bandwagon with a stall featuring greeting cards by talented photographers Jules Campbell and Sylvia Baxter as well as my own very first ever set of Christmas cards. We’d love to see you there!

Six assorted christmas cards

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