The prequel-sequel

The hard rubbish season has ended, the streets once again free of the detritus and debris of our neighbour’s lives. Before the official start to the hard rubbish season I had already been blessed with some spectacular finds so just to round things off, here they are.


My personal favourite, a fabulous wooden box complete with handles. This is the sanded version, all I’ll do now is beeswax it.

Not a style of bench I’d choose but as a freebie not to be sneezed at!

With this bench we also found a complete arch, again, not something I’d generally go for but now that we have it….. My initial idea was to put it in the veggie patch and grow beans over it. Since then I’ve been taken with the idea of putting it at the front gate and allowing the hedge on our front fence to climb up it. There is much negotiation between me and the mister over this at the moment, so watch this space.

3 thoughts

  1. i love the box. What are you going to store in it?

    I never seem to find good stuff in the hard rubbish. It’s all broken prams & old computers around here.

  2. I love it, we call it dumpster diving….we have gathered many a chair, old garden fence, side table, dresser–from the curbside on bulk trash days!! Fun stuff to re-purpose and renew! We have good memories of laughing and stuffing stuff in the back of our vans! – CA & K (Baltimore, Maryland)

  3. Much of the charm of scavenging comes from the serendipity of it: finding a bench, an arch, a piece you would never seek out but which you can creatively incorporate in your home.

    I love these finds!

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