Veggies to spite us with

The veggie garden is doing nicely without me at the moment. There are un-hilled potatos nagging at me visually every time I step outside but I’ve learnt to squint and look the other way. Potatos, children; who’d have thought they’d have so much in common? The broccoli, and sprouts seem to be growing despite my recent neglect and all of the garlic I planted has sprouted and poked it’s myriad little green heads above the soil. We have what can only be described as a field of garlic. If the rate at which the hens are eating the kale is anything to go by then that is also very tasty this year. We wouldn’t know.

There are beets and bits and pieces here and there of spinach and lettuce, even one last sad pumpkin that I can’t quite bring myself to give up on and pull up. Goodness only knows what could be achieved with a bit of organisation but we never will.

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