Just to make a point of the bleeding obvious, its different when you travel with a baby. You see and notice different things about places. Like for instance, the size of the prams. I have never seen such big prams as those used by nearly everone in Copenhagen! These were the Jeep Chrysler/Mack Truck versions of the pram world. In Amsterdam they wouldn’t even fit on the footpath, and would probably be considered big enough to house a small family here in the Pijp! Any of them were certainly bigger than our bathroom. (And there are people out there who think I’m joking about that!)

We stayed at the Hotel Valberg which proved very relaxing, despite the ten flights of stairs and a very scary lift! Copenhagen itself was lovely and in the grip os some sort of spring-fever, the temperature during the day soaring to 2 or 3 degrees above zero! Jacob seems to have accepted that much of his life is going to be spent sitting outside pubs (!) and proved very resilient when trying out various unidentifiable Danish babyfoods. I don’t think he’s been eating reindeer.

We saw lots of kitsch candles with Mary and the Prince on them in the leadup to the wedding, lots of nice yellow houses to cheer everyone up through the long winter months, lots of pointy pixie-ish faces and a tendency to wear hats which emphasized this and lots of fairytale buildings. I mean the Stock exchange has dragons-claws on its roof?!

The photos are here.


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