Holiday in Cambodia

Holiday in Cambodia


Recently the Flipster and I were lucky enough to spend a week in Cambodia. After our brief stay in Phnom Penh and a rural village just outside Tani we’ve come back ready for the Melbourne winter. One project I’ve been neglecting is getting this blog/site going again. Started in 2001, it has fallen into a sad state in the last few years. Time to do something about it


Katrina from Rommelik in Sydney Rd, Brunswick is not only a very fine hairdresser but a woman of exceptional taste. This is borne out by two things: firstly, she is shacked up with a Dutchman and secondly, she will soon be the owner of one of my favourite prints.

Mountain View, a TTV shot I took on the west side of the Grampians last year, is available as a limited edition print and Katrina has just ordered one for her salon! Very happy.


We spent a fabulous week on the Wartook Valley side of the Grampians and this was the view from our living area and back door. Also from the back paddock, the patio and the garden.
mountain view

And here are Boef and the Flipster in action in the back paddock. Look at those ears!