Sage ………. and yet kinda young with it.

You know when you keep running into people who seem, in one way or another, to be grappling with many of the questions you are? And not just once, but over and over again. Every time they raise an issue its just as the same issue is bubbling up from the quagmire that, once, was your brain. Only they seem so much more eloquent about it and better able to pull all the competing elements together.

Janet is one of those friends. Janet can pop in with a marinated lamb rack, talk above the boy-decibels and succinctly sum up your overwhelming mess in a couple of pithy sentences. But since we never get to talk much what with kids, puppies, bionicles, wine, work, prep tattoo parlours, life and crawling through lane-ways photographing dinosaurs its good to see that she has started blogging about it all. If not this, than what….? is well worth a visit and I’d encourage you to throw your two cents worth in. You’ll get it back as a five dollar note.

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