Be careful what you wish for……..

After all my whingeing about our strangely warm and damp winter, bemoaning the lack of snow and the sort of dry cold that clears the air of germs and flus, we have just had the coldest March night ever recorded. Luckily for me I’ve been able to work from home nearly all week so I have missed out on most of the possible inconveniences of the heavy snowfalls that we’ve had this week.

I may though, have jinxed our snowboarding trip to Les Gets. For the first time ever we are flying (the prospect of 10+ hours in a car with Jacob leaving us completely unenthused) and Schiphol has been in chaos all week with only two runways snow-free, incoming flights cancelled and various delays with outgoing flights. So we may get to spend 10+ hours in the airport instead.

On the up-side Jacob is getting an extra weeks’ use out of his new snowsuit, has been playing riotously in the snow at creche and has added the word ‘snow/snieuw’ to both his vocabularies. With a big smile to accompany it!

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