One thing I will NEVER get used to is the utterly-soul-destroying-greyness of winter in this part of the world. I don’t suffer from SADD so much as UFM (Utterley Fucking Miserable). Its ‘the darkness’ Shauny was writing about combined with a limp greyish light that will hang around for oh, six months or so. The sky hangs down around your ears and its oh so damp and grey.

My only glimmer of hope is a nice cold winter with lots of sub-zero temperatures. THEN we get blue skies, sun and dry air!

This morning I took the Flipster to the creche in the dark and rain, and tonight I’ll pick him up in the dark and rain. Despite my enormous investment in mega-wattage for the living room, I’m sitting here in the gloom watching my spirits sink faster than the Titanic. They’ll bob up again sometime in May 2005. Until then expect MISERY (interspersed with brief interludes of happiness from Istanbul, the French Alps etc).

*Footnote: OK, I’ve been out and had my daily “koffie verkeerd” so things aren’t looking quite so grim now. It seems there is ONE thing worse than ‘the darkness’ and that is coffee withdrawl!

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