Head banging

Last night Jacob was standing in his playpen, hanging onto the side as he does now very proudly at every opportunity, when suddenly he released both hands, yawned and lifted his hands to rub his eyes, leaning his head back in the process. So, now I know the diameter of the playpen, (which is round). because Jacob was measured yesterday at the consultatiebureau and he is now 74.5 cms, and he only just missed hitting the other-side of the playpen with his head as he fell like a tree flat on his back. And thank god I’ve been too disorganised to have removed the extra covering from the floor of the playpen. (I put it there to keep it out of the dust of all the moving) Even so, he broke his fall with his head and its not something I want to see again, though I’m sure I will. I think I’ll buy him a little helmet to wear indoors.

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