Getting women on to bikes

Val and I took a break from the Yarra BUG Radio Show over the summer and this was our first day back in the studio, you might hear a couple of glitches! We eased into the show with some news, the Herald Sun Tour and of course the mass Everlasting on the previous weekend. Our… Continue reading Getting women on to bikes

Your waitress today………….

Last night however I was jarred from my open-jawed-admiration when one of the contestants mentioned that she had been told that "Australian men like to be waited on" or words to that effect. It was not so much the novelty of this idea, it has about as much to do with reality as the rest of the programme, but my (Dutch) husband's reaction. He seemed to be having trouble breathing and had sunk into his chair groaning, gasping, turning purple and making strange squeaking noises.