I’ve been trying to get together some work on a wintery theme. Despite the usual list of glitches and encumbrances I am starting to get somewhere. I think.

I was hoping to capture some warming wintery colours together with an element of ice-iness. The difficulty of the task may be in the inherent contradiction encapsulated in that brief. Anyway, here you go:

Let me know what you think. All I can see are things that need work.


This morning on the way to the chook pen to unleash the girls on the world it was cold enough for me to be able to make those little puffs of ‘smoke’ from my mouth that entertain four-year olds so much. Which made me feel just a teensy bit sorry for the policewoman with the never-ending-cup-of-coffee parked in the flats in our street. It IS busy hereabouts early in the mornings but I don’t know that even Purana Taskforce training could have prepared her for the full glory of our local pyjama parade.

Into the woods

We escaped from the flat, and Amsterdam, for an afternoon in the woods.


November is the first of the really miserable months in the Netherlands, the very damp cold sets in and darkness descends earlier and earlier each day. Upload_004 Upload_006

It suddenly strikes you that this is only the beginning, this is how it will be until next March, April or even May. Upload_010 Uplaod_009

Everyone starts booking their March trips to the Canary Islands.


Time to get outside while you can!  Upload_007