messing about

Sunday was Uncle Benny’s birthday and so a birthday picnic was enjoyed with extended family from both sides of the globe down by the river. After some nifty elbow work by the Dutch that would have done the Kalverstraat proud we finally secured a teensy share of the communal BBQ, enough to cook lunch anyway. After lunch there was messing about in boats which The Flipster loved. I’m not sure the Dutchman enjoyed it quite so much, but then he was rowing.

Me, I was busy being Cleopatra.

Our voyage up and down the river was punctuated with the Flipster demanding in bemused tones: But why aren’t we going faster? Yeah, papa, why?
why aren't we going faster?

Meanwhile, up in the NT, a friend, Jules, was also messing about in boats. Both of us are able to report sightings of crocs although all of ours were the sort attached to people’s feet. Quite frankly, I’m not sure which are scarier?