Official-spring has been launched with the first eggs from our chooks. Not sure if they’re from a couple of the Pekins or the Modern Games but from what I know about my Pekins my money would be on the latter! This, combined with the blossoming-Quince and bolting-Sprouts confirms the notion that Spring is about to be sprung. Despite antarctic-gale-force winds to the contrary.
first eggs 2009

Spring veggie carnival

Winter has been reasonably quiet in the vegie patch. We have contented ourselves with munching away on silver beet, kale and lettuce while garlic and leeks motored along quietly in the background.

However the threatening spring has caused a flurry of activity more recently. Virtually all of our cabbages (or were they cauliflowers?) have bolted and been fed to the chooks, while mizuna, potatos and basil have all poked their heads above ground and we have been able to add delicious black tuscan kale to our evening meals.

The red cabbages and brocoli are also picking up speed, although thankfully it doesn’t look as if they’ll be able to catch up with the bolting cauliflowers (or were they cabbages?).