Rode home tonight in one of those sudden snow storms where the streets are quickly blanketed with snow, everything goes mysteriously quiet, the car traffic starts crawling, the whiteness gives the street lights a magical glow and being on a bike gives you a reasonable advantage! Its quite magical if you can stay away from the chaos on the busier streets. Slowly you’re transformed into a riding snow-man but its without the wet-discomfort of rain.


When I took Jacob to the creche this morning it didn’t seem all that cold in the narrow protected streets of De Pijp. Jumped on the bike and set off to work only to get caught in a snow storm and arrived at work looking something like a cycling snowman! And more snow coming this afternoon apparently. I really should start taking notice of the weather reports.

Val Thorens

Our week in Val Thorens was fabulous. Val Thorens is the highest ski resort in France at 3000m with the greatest area of pistes. The weather was great with brilliant sun every day of the week. I was incredibly lazy and spent a lot of time lying on various terraces in the sun, Ron was a lot busier, snowboarding his way over most of Val Thorens and beyond, with ‘tochts’ down to Courcheval and beyond.

Funnily enough our week was a lot more Dutch than French, since we went with a group of Dutch friends. In fact it was more Dutch than our daily life in Amsterdam! We ate primarily Dutch food, went mostly to a Dutch bar and generally managed to ignore the fact that we were in France. Who says colonisation is dead? From the plethora of English and Dutch bars in tourist spots around the world it seems to be a hard habit to drop.

And here are the photos.