take a seat.

This chair was passed onto me by family and I’ve been waiting for Oma and Opa’s visit to get it mended. Opa trained as an upholsterer in his youth. It was simply a question of finding the perfect fabric.
The before shot
I had a vague idea I’d seen the perfect fabric but checking in the most likely places it didn’t turn up. And I just couldn’t bring myself to buy anything else. Then one night, in the middle of the night, it struck me. Ink & Sprindle. It was a design I’d seen while browsing their website after twittering with Teegan. And here it is!

Blue Wrens In Snow by Teegan Rose at InkandSpindle.com

Blue Wrens In Snow by Teegan Rose at InkandSpindle.com

Luckily the Dutchman agrees! We’re off to their studio today to purchase our fabric and search out the other bits and pieces Opa needs to finish the job. Its very exciting!

While browsing Ink and Spindle‘s website we also spotted this fabric which is perfect for a pair of chairs I found on the footpath last year.

Rooftops in Deep Red by Lara Cameron at InkandSpindle.com

Rooftops in Deep Red by Lara Cameron at InkandSpindle.com

Originally I had planned to just go with the sixties vinyl thing for these and replace the existing upholstery with something similar. Of course that would have been too easy!

Now that I’ve seen the Rooftops design they can’t possibly be anything else. I’ve always thought these chairs are a nice little size for the Flipster’s room, not actually kid’s chairs (which he has grown out of) but small enough to be comfortable for six year olds and their skinny asses. This design is great as it is something I like but that will pass the friends-test for the Flipster. The inner-urban living and bicycles also rings our bells. (so to speak…. )

The next challenge with these chairs is that only one of them actually has a seat and I need to find someone who can use the existing seat as a template to cut two new ones.

The challenge is that the seat is slightly bowed or saucer-shaped. I’m pretty sure there must be some little factory in Brunswick or Coburg that can still do this, maybe Richmond? Its just a question of finding it before Opa goes back to the Netherlands taking his handy upholstery skills with him! If you have any ideas then please leave a comment or email me. I have removed the seat from the chair and will be trolling the backstreets of the inner-north with it for days!

Another nice feature of these two little chairs is the piece of paper that was glued to the bottom of the seat. It detailed where the chairs had been made, in Richmond, but in contrast to the usual Australian Made it proudly boasts All European Labour.

New poo pipe with accesories

Recently we had the Construction Queen in. There were two reasons for this; 1) we liked the name of her business and 2) we wanted to establish exactly what it was that we couldn’t afford to do to the house.

Like all good project managers she started off by asking what our budget was in repsonse to which we looked confused and repeated ‘Budget?’ several times. Just to make it clear exactly what sort of crazy dreamers she was dealing with we then gave her a wish-list a mile long to which she added a couple of the more practical (and expensive)issues like a new sewerage outlet since it appears that the current arrangement is now deemed not-good-enough by the authorities.* We also gave her a pile of pages torn from designer magazines, just to cement the madness, before sending her off to work a miracle.

Apparently she will have done this by tomorrow and we will then see an indicative floor sketch with a rough estimate of costs. At which point we will lie down and cry.

*We would just like to take this opportunity to say that we have been sharing sewerage with the Mokbels now for eighteen months and have always found it a pleasure.