Three times a Virgo

Jacob’s inner Virgo has never been far from the surface. This is a boy whose idea of a good time is to join his Dad down on the floorboards with a damp cloth for a bit of spot-cleaning. He never stood a chance really, not only was he born a Virgo himself but both his parents are Virgos. Doomed by accidents of both birth and genetics.

Virgo-Jacob took over yesterday. I simply wanted to issue a quick reminder of the things he needs to have in his school bag in case of inclement weather but was interrupted when Jacob suggested we make a list. No, three lists. One for sunny weather, one for cold weather and one for wet weather. Do I smell a future bureaucrat in the house?

Jacob then proceeded to find three pieces of paper,and draw an appropriate picture on each before demanding I write the list of requirements below each picture. The lists then had to be placed on the fridge where he can see them each morning.

And what does he need in his school bag for days like these? Here is the official ‘rainy-day’ list;

-beanie for under his bicycle helmet

-raincoat for on top of his jacket

-plastic bag for placing over bicycle seat when its locked up in the rain. (Don’t say I didn’t learn anything from the Dutch!)

-four bionicles

Four bionicles appear on all lists. Apparently, Joel, Douglas, Charlie and Jacob need bionicles to play with at school in all weather.


eindelijk zommer!
About six weeks ago I mentioned that summer seemed to have finally arrived. This proved to be hopelessly premature as it has rained virtually every day since then and been horribly cold.

But NOW, finally, maybe it has happenned. The weekend was gorgeous, tempartures 25 to 30 degrees and today and the next two days are expected to be the same. It may not be a heat wave but it will do! Finally some time outdoors and mayeb I’ll even lose that special shade of office-white!