Smelly stuff

For twenty-five years I’ve been planning to buy some jasmine, just as soon as I’d bought a house.

And now, in all its early-spring glory, here it is. Gracefully draping itself over the chook-shed! That reddish fluffball in the background is a chook bottom.

Just to add to the elegance of our chook shed, our quince is blossoming. I luvs me quince.



In an effort to find ideas for what to actually do with our quinces I have been forced to buy, and try, some Maggie Beer products. Most memorably a very inspirational Quince Ice Cream. So memorable we had to finish it all in one evening!

Today I am road-testing her Quince paste and it’s doing very well. To see more of what is in the garden keep an eye on our Flickr space.