I’ve been trying to get together some work on a wintery theme. Despite the usual list of glitches and encumbrances I am starting to get somewhere. I think.

I was hoping to capture some warming wintery colours together with an element of ice-iness. The difficulty of the task may be in the inherent contradiction encapsulated in that brief. Anyway, here you go:

Let me know what you think. All I can see are things that need work.

1462 days of underachievement

A friend has started the 1462 Project on Flickr for those who are interested. It starts today. In his words;

I’m sure you know about the 365 and 366 day projects, where participants take a photo of themselves each day for a year.

Here’s a slightly more ambitious challenge. Take a picture of yourself every day starting from the leap day in 2008 (2008-02-29) and ending on the leap day in 2012 (2012-02-29). This is an inclusive range, so that a photo must be taken on both leap days.

This means that 1462 photos have to be taken

There was a time in my life when taking a photo a day would have seemed a simple enough task. But that was BJ; before Jacob. I don’t know why but even when he is not at home the idea of finding the time and mental organisation required to both press a button AND take the camera lens off (not necessarily in that order) just seems beyond me these days. I know I’d just be a terrible embarassment to everyone.

But hey! theres no reason why YOU shouldn’t join up.