Holiday in Cambodia


Recently the Flipster and I were lucky enough to spend a week in Cambodia. After our brief stay in Phnom Penh and a rural village just outside Tani we’ve come back ready for the Melbourne winter. One project I’ve been neglecting is getting this blog/site going again. Started in 2001, it has fallen into a sad state in the last few years. Time to do something about it


I’ve been trying to get together some work on a wintery theme. Despite the usual list of glitches and encumbrances I am starting to get somewhere. I think.

I was hoping to capture some warming wintery colours together with an element of ice-iness. The difficulty of the task may be in the inherent contradiction encapsulated in that brief. Anyway, here you go:

Let me know what you think. All I can see are things that need work.


Officially. From today, Monday, my ‘residency’ upstairs at each peach has begun. Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays will find me working in the upstairs room between 10ish and 3ish during March and April. Maybe even longer.

Its a gorgeous light-filled space and the little time I’ve spent there so far I’ve already been really enjoying. each peach is at 506 Lygon St, Brunswick so make sure you drop in if you’re in the area. I’m hoping to get organised enough to have some prints on the wall and some cards there with me. I’m also hoping to finally get to spend some time on my collection of blocks of wood as well! If you’re at each peach make sure you check the blackboard on the stairwell door and the small box holding cards and brochures to find out what is going on!

Tuesdays and Wednesdays the same space will be being used by Gabby to massage people’s aches and pains away. At other times, Breanna will be using it to administer her market goodies and there may also be one-off events such as kiddie-film afternoons, exhibitions, parties etc coming up.