Lately more and more of our regular meals are coming from the garden; kale, chard, lettuce, leek as well as my red onion marmalade and preserved lemons. Recently we’ve been able to bandicoot for potatos, saphire seeds and dutch creams have surfaced so far, and we are also enjoying a lot fo french sorrel.

Today Ron busied himself making delicious fluffy pancakes with all the eggs our hens have been laying. I ate them with the rhubarb and ginger preserve our neighbour Sam made together with a dash of mascarpone cheese.

Junkyard Tuesday

We have new-ish neighbours who are proving to be sympatico. Besides a young boy and girl who sit neatly just either side of Jacob in age they also share interests in growing veggies, finding pre-loved stuff and making chutneys. All of this is good news for me. Some of it is bad news for Ron.

For instance I know he will not be happy to hear that I now have yet another friend with whom to visit various Coburg junkyards. Today was a nice sunny day in a wintry sort of way so we took Kira (four years old) on a tour of my Newlands Rd favourites. A quick dash afterwards to the Waste Transfer Station and Recycling center and a perfect morning was had by all.

This outing was also educational as Kira was able to practice her counting skills at one junkyard where there were real live junkyard cats sunning themselves draped across various possibilities. Twelve of them!

I was very good and came home empty-handed albeit with an eye to a nice fire grate I might check back on in a week’s time. I do seem to have committed myself to a wrought iron course though. Now how did that happen?

Hup Oranje hup ……….oh shit!

Well now we are in trouble.

The Netherlands have gone and beaten the Italians 3-0. They never win the games that matter and then this! Just as it’s least expected. 18 months of building neighbourly relations and poof! all gone.

God knows if they end up beating Greece as well we’ll be having serious problems. The only non-partisan neighbours we’d have left having celebrity-relativesthat make me nervous. Thank God the Lebanese aren’t in the European Cup!