Red jacket

This red jacket is gorgeous. Mum knitted it for Jacob but unfortunately when it arrived jacob had grown too tall for it. Its very sweet and mum said if I sent it back to Melbourne she’d unpick it and make another, although now i hear its going to my sister. Its from an old Paton’s pattern in garter stitch with dropped shoulders. It has decorative corchet trims on the edges and really cute owl buttons!


Deze rood jas is heel mooi! Meine moeder hebt het gebreided voor Jacob maar ongelukkig Jacob was alweer te groot wan het was in nederland arrivereed.

Diamonds are forever

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Rhine………..

Oma Corrie is busy with her needles and has whipped up this blue jumper featuring a diamond pattern. As usual, the blue looks very fetching on Jacob. Shame we’re having such a mild winter with all these nice home-knitted jumpers.


Tussentijd, an de overkant van de Rijn………

Oma Corrie is bezig met haar naalden en hebt dit blau trui met een diamond patroon gebried. So als normaal de kleur past heel goed met Jacob. Jammer dat wij so zacht een winter hebt met alle deze mooij huisgebried truitjes!

Rechts1, averechts2

The knitting-thing continues. Busy with the laptop I didn’t get the time to do any knitting this weekend but I did translate a knitting pattern into Dutch! This is more impressive than it sounds. The only person I know who speaks Dutch and knits doesn’t speak a lot of English,(hence the need to translate the pattern). And ‘normal’ people, (i.e. non-knitters) don’t know the Dutch terms, let alone their equivalent English terms. While there’s plenty of knitting information on the ‘net there isn’t a lot in Dutch but I managed to find a couple of patterns with enough in them for me to work out what the Dutch for, Purl, Knit, cast on, cast off, row, place on holder at the back, etc etc are. I think. Jacob’s oma, Corrie is planning to knit the pattern Marshall from the Rowan Babies book. Its a snazzy little number meriting 3 balls of wool in difficulty, (thats ADVANCED to you and me) and some twisted rib and cable. So, understanding the pattern in English was enough of a challenge in itself! Mind you, Corrie is such a good knitter, I think she could just about work it out from the photo! Luckily, as if she is depending on my translation alone, Jacob could end up wearing a very strange affair!