Join the dots.

While procrastinating yesterday and doing some suddenly urgent cleaning out off mysterious directories on our laptop I discovered some old movies. Since replacing our digital camera with a digital SLR we haven’t been able to make any movies. An enormous loss to the world I realise.

So I’ve posted the handful we have to youtube. Just what the world needs, more baby home movies. Here are Jacob’s chicken pox in motion. He wasn’t quite 1.

Four year old rises above maternal crank. Again.

I’ve just spent two whole days in a row reading nothing but Dutch. The experience has made me realise just how long it is since I last did this. Besides being exhausted my brains are a train-wreck of word fragments and meanings. And cranky.

Poor Jacob has had a whole day of being told what he CAN’T do, over and over again, and has borne it all very patiently for a boy with a snotty nose and expectations of gezelligheid and train track building.

He also did exceptionally well at piano today, adding minims to his existing repertoire of crotchets with ease and aplomb! Ta-ah and ta!

Cracking up

Piano lessons are obviously over-taxing Jacob’s little-pre-schooler brain.
On the way home from our most recent lesson he suddenly exclaimed (with an expression of amazement on his face to rival the late Steve Irwin,);
“Mama, you’ve got spots on your face!”
“Freckles” I corrected him. “They’re freckles”

Briefly we discussed freckles and just when I got them and how he didn’t yet have them but he may do one day. And then this;

“But I won’t have all those cracks.”