Hup Oranje hup ……….oh shit!

Well now we are in trouble.

The Netherlands have gone and beaten the Italians 3-0. They never win the games that matter and then this! Just as it’s least expected. 18 months of building neighbourly relations and poof! all gone.

God knows if they end up beating Greece as well we’ll be having serious problems. The only non-partisan neighbours we’d have left having celebrity-relativesthat make me nervous. Thank God the Lebanese aren’t in the European Cup!


Dus, we are back from Sicily, a day later than planned and a lot poorer after missing our booked flight back to Amsterdam and having to buy another at short notice. Jacob is sporting a tan and one white tooth, just like a lot of the Sicilians who made such a fuss of him all week! He also seems to have grown several inches.

More to come later……………..