Endless summer

So summer with the in-laws proved to be not so bad. Not so bad after all. In fact, both the Dutchman and I felt it was the best visit we and they have ever shared. After Christmas and the New Year we headed down to Venus Bay, on Victoria’s south Gippsland coast, where we rent a house every summer.

2014-01-12 12.23.07

Flip-Spike-OmaThankfully we were there for the worst of the heat wave, cooped up in Melbourne for a week of 40+ would have tested even the cosiest of families. Friends also came down and stayed a few days so the Flipster had plenty of boogie-boarding buddies not to mention kids with which to play endless card games. There was also night swimming and of course regular trips to the new ice-cream shop.

2014-01-12 20.38.59

Spike-atVenus-bayOma and Opa continued their daily mission to keep-Spike-happy with endless walks despite the high temperatures and we even found one day cool enough to take a walk through the tea trees at Point Smythe.

2014-01-13 17.59.43

TeaTreesI came up with a recipe for home-made iced coffee from our stovetop that was so delicious we were all in danger of consuming a litre of coffee each per day, and also perfected my negroni recipe. PlusĀ I finally got around to reading Jean Bobet’s Tomorrow We Ride, which had spent a winter languishing on my bedside table. With a list of achievements like that it is no wonder that the only other thing I seemed to manage was hours and hours of swimming and boogie-boarding.

2014-01-18 20.07.21-1


The Most Amazing Book Ever

We are very lucky at the Flipster’s school where we are blessed with absolutely hordes of amazing teachers. Amy Chamberlain, or prep-Amy as she is known to us, is one of these over-achievers.

Prep-Amy has written a children’s book and not satisfied with that has then gone and published it herself as Able Miss Baker. Illustrated by Brendan Coghlan, “the Most Amazing Book Ever” will be launched on Wednesday evening at Cardboard City inside thousand pound bend from 6.00pm.

On the Thursday is a day full of kids activities for all ages from 10.00 until 5.00pm. Fabulous school holiday entertainment. And it’s free!

More Goodness

We’ve returned from our week in the Grampians with not only the sort of uber-relaxtion achieved after only the best holidays but a rather fabulous haul of stuff, including; olives, wine, wurst, but best of all, ta-da … trumpet call……. a 21 year old sourdough culture!

The icing on the cake is to find waiting on our return a lovely pile of literary sample translations to prepare for the Frankfurt Book Fair for my favourite Dutch publisher! And not to mention the overgrown-jungle of a garden that has sprung up in the week we were away! THAT sort of spring growth I haven’t seen in ten years or more!

More later about everything.