Issue 13 of Treadlie Magazine

Well we managed to get issue 13 of Treadlie Magazine out! It’s always such a crazy time, not just the lead up to Christmas but the whole spring period is so busy with bike things, all good things but so many of them! I was really happy with this issue to be able to profile Melissa Agate or Sanso, as you may know her. Besides having the most beautiful bike in the known universe she is also an accomplished musician. But it is what she is doing to create spaces for girls to ride, both on the street and online, that is really interesting.


I also caught up with Eben Weiss, of Bike Snob NYC, when he visited Melbourne for the Melbourne Writers Festival. As Carole Whitehead, one of our favourite photographers, commented, he’s ‘not so snobby after all’. It was interesting talking to Eben about the changes to New York City, and the simultaneous changes in him and the way he rides. He’s still cranky though, and listening to his stories of attitudes about driving in NYC, I can’t really blame him.

Paul and Charlie Farren are two of my favourite people in Melbourne, along with their exceptional bicycle collection. It had been a long time since we’d had an antique bicycle featured in the Treadlie Centrefold so I got in touch with them and this is what Paul suggested. Its an amazing bicycle, on the cusp between a modern day ‘safety bicycle’ and a penny farthing. Paul and Charlie Farren also have one of the most photogenic green doors in the business, always a magical combination!

We also take a look at cycling photography in this issue. Its fascinated me, the way that cycling and photography seem to have grown up together, and developed in tandem, staying favourites throughout the years. We talk to a couple of photographers, from old school to a modern day cycling photographer like Ashley Gruber. The photo are stunning!

T13_ShootOutAnd of course there is much more than that! You will find Treadlie at newsagents and Magnation stores as well as some local bike and book shops. Or of course you can subscribe, either here or on the iPad.


Treadlie Magazine

Treadlie Magazine was launched in December 2010 by Green Press. I’ve been very happy to be Editor since just before that first issue hit the stands. Treadlie was awarded Launch of the Year (<50,000) in thePublishers Australia Excellence Awards 2011. 

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