In IJsselstein is the highest thing in Holland. Taller than any skyscraper, any mountain or any THING is the transmitter (or ‘zender’), de Gerbrandytoren on the outskirts of Ijsselstien. This transmitter shall go down in our family history as the occasion of Ron’s parents meeting each other. It was at the opening ceremony for the transmiter that Corrie (from Vianen, over the Rhine) first set eyes on young Wim, an apenluier from the catholic Ijsselstein. Both watery and religous obstacles were overcome and young Ronnie was born a couple of years later.

Dus, we have a lot to thank the ‘zender’ for!

At Christmas the transmitter is decked in lights to become the worlds biggest christmas tree.(Actually, its registered in the Guiness book of Records as the highest lit transmitter in the Benelux, a title there must be heaps of competition for!…not!) And this year I finally remembered to take a photo! There is also a webcam on the transmitter at 220m height, about halfway up from which you can watch the cows grazing, or the rain.