I’ve just finished a small but delicious pile of translations (samples and fact sheets) for my favourite Dutch publisher Cossee. These translations will be going to the Frankfurt Book Fair which starts today and runs until October 18th. Cossee in the meantime, and in particular, Eva Cossee, has been nominated for Publisher of the Year 2009.

More Goodness

We’ve returned from our week in the Grampians with not only the sort of uber-relaxtion achieved after only the best holidays but a rather fabulous haul of stuff, including; olives, wine, wurst, but best of all, ta-da … trumpet call……. a 21 year old sourdough culture!

The icing on the cake is to find waiting on our return a lovely pile of literary sample translations to prepare for the Frankfurt Book Fair for my favourite Dutch publisher! And not to mention the overgrown-jungle of a garden that has sprung up in the week we were away! THAT sort of spring growth I haven’t seen in ten years or more!

More later about everything.