February was strangely cool slowing down the summer produce from the garden. That and the drought and a temporary loss of interest in gardening in January. Now that its officially autumn it’s warmed up again, (of course!) and so the tomatoes, zuchinis, chillies and strawberries are putting in a last ditch effort.

These strawberries have to be protected from the chickens who love them and I suspect we’ll have to do the same with oma when she arrives tomorrow evening!



In an effort to find ideas for what to actually do with our quinces I have been forced to buy, and try, some Maggie Beer products. Most memorably a very inspirational Quince Ice Cream. So memorable we had to finish it all in one evening!

Today I am road-testing her Quince paste and it’s doing very well. To see more of what is in the garden keep an eye on our Flickr space.


Guard chooks

Uncle Benny was down recently and kindly offered to help with our growing list of things-to-do. Seeing as I can no longer do much lifting nor perch atop ladders poor Ronnie has been confronted with long lists every weekend so I think he was very glad to see the cavalry arriving in the form of Ben, armed with ladders, drills and bits-of-wood.

Going way beyond expectations Benny accomplished not only everything we had planned plus some, he even added his own personal touches to top it all off. Thus we have acquired not only a new passionfruit trellis for the back fence and a sturdy extension to our grape trellis but also two proud redgum chooks to preside over all backyard shenanigans.

chook trellis