Another mouth to feed

Mornings the Dutchman and the Flipster breakfast together while I lie in bed and count the mountain of wheat-bix vanishing down their gullets. Then I get up and feed the chooks, although recently the Flipster has taken over this task at an award-rate of 50 cents per day . Just as I’m starting to feel like a lady-of-leisure we acquired Boef who also likes to be fed mornings. Demanding.

And now I have to feed a 21 yr old sourdough culture from Bavaria as well.

The responsibility is overwhelming.


Lately more and more of our regular meals are coming from the garden; kale, chard, lettuce, leek as well as my red onion marmalade and preserved lemons. Recently we’ve been able to bandicoot for potatos, saphire seeds and dutch creams have surfaced so far, and we are also enjoying a lot fo french sorrel.

Today Ron busied himself making delicious fluffy pancakes with all the eggs our hens have been laying. I ate them with the rhubarb and ginger preserve our neighbour Sam made together with a dash of mascarpone cheese.