winter hat

It is with an enormous sigh of relief that I can report that the Flipster has his winter hat sorted.

A recent Saturday in High St Northcote discovered this little treasure. I may have mentioned on more than one ocassion that The Flipster and I like our hats and each new season is a new hat-buying opportunity. Or at least that’s the way I like to see it.

And yes, that is our plaster work in the background, hanging by a 100+ year-old-thread. I toyed with photo-shopping it out to maintain the illusion of my glamorous inner-city life but I figured Boef has blown my cover on that anyway.

another flaming cyclist

Its Ride2school day. The Flipster’s school recorded 39% of kids riding back in February and another 30% walking but what the hell, any excuse for a party. Bikes were to be decorated and my brief from the Flipster was “flames”. I suspect he was hoping for flame stickers from the local $2 shop but I needed therapy and he ended up with this crepe and cellophane creation. I may have overdone it.

He muttered something along the lines of not being sure but bravely leapt on-board and set off for school, bound for either adulation or ridicule from the boys. I hope its not too bad for him. Another flaming cyclist