The Velvet Lounge

The Casio(see below) is providing even more entertainment than imagined. The polystyrine inserts that held it safely in its box turning out to be the most perfect castle-with-secret-cave-underneath. What you can’t see is that once you have entered the secret cave and gone through the hidden passageway you will find yourself in the Velvet Lounge which boasts purple walls and ceilings. Just the spot to relax with a martini and kick back to the ambient sounds of “wild pigs running through the purple forest”.


Hanging Rock

A very lazy Sunday was spent last weekend at the Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock. I discovered a particularly nice sparkling shiraz from somewhere-that-escapes-me-now, Ron and my sister did some damage to a local pilsner and we snacked on olives, Milawa cheese and fresh bread while sitting under the gum trees listening to some pretty decent live music. And by the way, is there ANYONE left who hasn’t been to a latin dance class?

Jacob coloured in a dragon, accosted some rabbits, sat in a CFA firetruck to have his photo taken and befriended a three year old boy with a toy he coveted for mutual toy-swapping and dancing. I ended up feeling soooooooooooo relaxed it’s halfway through the following week and I’m still not back in work mode.