Here is a photo of one of my favourite pieces of local art. Or it was.

There’s been a lot of great new street art (stencil and other forms) appearing around here lately. This is one example I particularly liked and I had tried to photograph but wasn’t happy with the results. I was planning to have another go …. Luckily I didn’t actually delete the shots I wasn’t happy with because now, it is gone. Scrubbed off and painted over in what I’m sure someone sees as a job-well-done but that really, under the circumstances, strikes me as vandalism.

And speaking of vandalism, Amoir has alerted me to Paint and Beer, a stencil art party in Amsterdam October 15-17th that looks like it may also be very productive. For more on Amsterdam street art take a look at Nicole Blommers blog.

Fire and Brimstone

It was fire and brimstone on the doorstep today as our asphalt footpath was resurfaced by the local council. Coincidentally, we’ve just received our annual rates notice. It’s a bit difficult to complain about the rather enormous rates-hike we’ve just suffered when any telephone call to the local council is going to be drowned out by the din of your-rates-at-work; literally!

And if you’re wondering where your money goes, there it, lined up on the footpath outside your bedroom window at 7.30am. 12 blokes, two diggers, three tip-trucks, a roller-type-thingy and various other bits and pieces.

Number 12

We’ve a new ‘no. 12’. The characters above the number are the street name. No idea what they say. For all we know we are living at 12 Harlot’s Way or Complete Dagg’s Street.

The plaque comes from a house in Beijing that has, unfortunately, been demolished as part of the clean-up for the Olympics and eventually found it’s way to a furniture-and-stuff importer in Westgarth. It’s a strange world.

Update: And here is what our plaque says.