Boef’s Balls

Today began with a visit to the vet where Boef’s stitches were removed. The castration of Boef has had a visibly quantifiable effect.

No longer do we have to walk down the street accompanied by a pair of balls with accesorising puppy. As The Flipster commented; “Boef’s knobbly bits have vanished”! And a good thing too, he was verging on the pornographic.

Boef’s swagger is now less John Wayne and more Julian Cleary, plus he sings so much prettier this way. I sincerely hope The Classification Board concern themselves with the size of dogs balls in films.  For the sake of our children.

I am Boef

Something has gone terribly wrong in the training process when the puppy runs indoors from the backyard to take a crap on the rug.

On the up side; there are no dead moths in the corners of the studio anymore and I don’t have to worry about the cobwebs under the bench ever again. On the weird side, Boef has just emitted his first barks; he sounds like a duck?

I am Boef