Not so snobby after all

NYC blogger, Bike Snob NYC or Eben Weiss, was in Melbourne earlier this year as part of the 2013 Melbourne Writer’s Festival. I met up with him, both to pre-record an episode of the 3CR Yarra BUG Radio Show and also to interview him for Treadlie Magazine.

As anyone who has read his blog will know, Eben does a fine line in snarky wit and has a low tolerance for the wankier aspects of bike culture. My bike, well at least the one I use most days, is pretty well kitted out with bits and pieces that it occurred to me, Eben might find pretty wanky. Hammered mudguards, porteur rack, custom leather saddle and grips. Not to mention the coaster brake. So meeting him for a ride down to 3CR’s studio in Collingwood was a fairly nervewracking affair.


Luckily, Eben was either too jet-lagged or too polite to comment on or notice any of it. I mean, there was an almost imperceptible smirk when at one point I let slip about the coaster brake, but as I said, too polite. Or too jet-lagged.

We rode down to Collingwood, discussing gentrification and its effects, mixed neighbourhoods and inner-city wankers, the pros and cons for cyclists, before meeting ace photographer Carole Whitehead for a photo shoot. Brooklyn and Fitzroy were compared while we sought out photogenic bluestone and graffiti. We finished up at the 3CR studios with plenty of time to chat before recording our interview. The interview unfortunately, I can no longer find online. The story, you can read in Issue 13 of Treadlie magazine.



Melbourne Writers Festival 2013

MWF 2013

Melbourne Writers Festival 2013One of the things I love about Twitter is the people you meet. Literally.

Lisa Dempster is someone I started following early on, we seemed to have a bit in common, she obviously liked to ride and do things with words. Shortly after I first ‘met’ her online she became Director of the Emerging Writer’s Festival and not long after that, I became Editor of Treadlie magazine. It was only natural that I ask her to write for us. Having her as a regular contributor to Treadlie meant we always had a reason to make time to catch up, something that can be hard to do when you’re both busy. I’ll never forget her setting off on my old blue rattler, a single-speed Malvern Star, when she borrowed it for one of her writing events. She normally rode an Avanti road bike and was used to something much more supple on wheels!

Alas, Lisa doesn’t have time to write for Treadlie any more. She’s gone on to become Director of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival and last night at the MWF 2013 launch, delivered her first programme. Its a brilliant programme! Eclectic and inspiring it manages to fulfil the cliche something for everyone, but in the most inspired way! I’ve already booked a couple of keynotes, some of the kid’s events and Boris and Annabel’s session. My only complaint is that most of the Bike Snob NYC events are scheduled for the very weekend that I will, ironically, be flying to NYC. Its not  a complaint thats going to get much sympathy but what are the chances?

Its amazing the people you meet on Twitter isn’t it? The MWF 2013 programme is officially open today and you can book online if you’re interested or indeed from the very handy app they’ve developed too.