Here is a photo of one of my favourite pieces of local art. Or it was.

There’s been a lot of great new street art (stencil and other forms) appearing around here lately. This is one example I particularly liked and I had tried to photograph but wasn’t happy with the results. I was planning to have another go …. Luckily I didn’t actually delete the shots I wasn’t happy with because now, it is gone. Scrubbed off and painted over in what I’m sure someone sees as a job-well-done but that really, under the circumstances, strikes me as vandalism.

And speaking of vandalism, Amoir has alerted me to Paint and Beer, a stencil art party in Amsterdam October 15-17th that looks like it may also be very productive. For more on Amsterdam street art take a look at Nicole Blommers blog.


Last night saw the opening of the Inter-Medium show at the Tap Gallery in Sydney. The exhibition features sculpture, painting and photography and is on from August 30th until September 6th at Cnr Burton & Sherbrooke Streets, Darlinghurst.

Amongst those exhibiting are some old friends, Andrew May, Franka Zaumseil, Jo Fedora, Sylvia Baxter, Rebecca Donald, and Pascale Baud as well as many others. I also have a small series of TTV’s I took at the Geebung Plo Club re-enactment in the High Country earlier this year in the show.


Geebung Polo Club re-enactment 2009

Geebung Polo Club re-enactment 2009

If you’re in Sydney and get a chance to drop in I’d love to hear what you thought!

Wednesday’s welding whimsy

As I have absolutely nothing else to do with my time I’ve decided to take up welding. You know, just to fill in the empty hours……….

Andrew MayI’ve always had a strange hankering to weld odd pieces of metal to each other and the coincidence of meeting someone who could pass on this knowledge AND much of the equipment required was too great to pass on. So on Wednesday I had my first lesson. A six hour marathon session it finally resulted in this masterpiece of modern art. (Almost all welds done by yours truly….)