Melbourne Now

I dropped into Melbourne Now last week to hear Mick Peel of Busyman Bicycles talking about his fine crafty ways with leather. Mick is responsible for the recovered saddle on my bike, along with the grips and matching mud flaps.

Watching the parade of creative work on his blog is always inspiring so I was looking forward to hearing him speak about what he does. SaddlesWe’ve had him as a guest on the Yarra BUG Radio Show in the past and I’ve featured his work in Treadlie Magazine. Mick iss a great speaker and I’ve always enjoyed whenever I’ve had the opportunity to listen to him in the past.

Mick asked me to bring in my Madison mixte, he was bringing in several saddles and handlebars he’d worked on along with his own bike but thought it might be nice to have a second bike on display.


As an added bonus, besides getting lots of attention lavished on my favourite bicycle, Mick also took the opportunity to replace my leather grips which were starting to look a little ratty. It gave him something to work on and chat about with visitors to the workshop, and gave me  spanking new grips!

And here she is up on stage with Mick and Deborah Ratliff, Melbourne Now curator at the NGV. You’ll have to excuse the photos, they’re awful, even for quick snaps on the phone. But fitting I thought, proof positive that the bicycle Commuter Cycles built for me, really is a work of art!



As I mentioned, the New North Photography Prize 2009 award night is tonight from 6-8pm. RSVP is essential and you can do so by calling 03 90183081 or emailing David at

There is also a People’s Choice Award and votes can be cast throughout the course of the exhibition. This award will be announced at the Exhibition Closing Party on Friday 29th November from 4-6pm. Every vote cast goes into a draw for a Kodak Easyshare M1020 10” Digital Photo frame (RRP $350)

New North Photography Prize 2009


The New North Photography Prize exhibition opened last Sunday. It runs for the whole month of November at the New North Gallery, 15a Railway Place Fairfield Vic 3078. Opposite Fairfield railway station and I’m sure will be worth checking out if you’re down that way.

Prize’s will be awarded on the evening of Thursday the 12th and you can pop along from 6pm to listen to the announcements. The judges for the prizes are Julian Burnside QC, Jane Scott, Director – TarraWarra Museum of Art and Eugene Barilo von Reisberg, Director – BvR Arts Management. I’m assuming they’ll give you a drink?

I do have a couple of prints in but after what can only be described as a catalogue of disasters with respect to framing I fear they are best viewed from a great distance. Or at least from the other side of the room. With a stiff drink in one hand. Or frozen on your lips. And yes, that is sticky-tape.

That’s if they’re even hanging. Have been too chicken to go and find out.

I will give you one tip that may save you a lot of heartbreak. Don’t buy frames from Ikea. Its my own fault; Ikea frames are not a professional framing solution but even so, I wasn’t expecting brand-new-just-out-of-the-wrapper frames to start falling apart on me. As for the other issues on the day, I can’t blame Ikea for them. Too busy doing too much at once to pay attention to details; like printing to fit the matt, a square for cutting, that sort of thing. Still, a decent frame would have hidden it all. Bloody Swedes. 😉

New North Photography Prize 2009