Monday Morning Melodies

Jacob’s decided (along with the rest of Melbourne it seems) that Pink is IT at the moment and while his exposure to her has been limited to a 30 second television advertisement this doesn’t stop him from declaring that “Funhouse” is the best song ever and he wants the Funhouse album “more than any thing else in the world”.

Meanwhile, in the car on the weekend, The Sweet’s Action! was featured on some retro-playlist and as it finished we heard from the backseat “That was awesome.” I tried to explain that actually it was ‘grouse’ but he didn’t get it.

Me, I’ve been obsessive about the Amsterdam Klezmer Band again. 😉

Control freaks

op-de-fiets.jpgThis is what Jacob and I look like cycling around Amsterdam. Just a tad scary don’t you think? Of course what matters here is the sub-textpicture. Just out of sight of the camera rages an intense battle over the handle-bars and steering-rights. Fingernails and fists and crying “My mummy beats me” in baby-language have been resorted to by he-who-shall-remain-nameless. (On your left in the photo.)

By the expression on his face I suspect I’ve captured him at a moment when he was busy with strategy. Me? I’m wrestling for control of the handle-bars, negotiating the chicane through the permanent road works, got one-eye on the traffic lights, the other on the trams, and I’m taking a photo. And people wonder why I find being at work so relaxing?