Winter is coming – FOJCX and the new venue at Broadford

Val and I were joined in the studio at 3CR Community Radio by one of our regular guests, Col Bell of Fields of Joy Cyclocross. As usual we all shared a bike moment before taking a look at some news, including the start of this year’s Indian Pacific Wheel Ride on the weekend and the launch of Swisse Australia’s salary sacrificing Ride to Work scheme. (Not the first scheme in Australia as many are reporting, just the first in the private sector).

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 1.44.43 pm

We then moved on to Col and the exciting news about the new venue for Fields of Joy CX at the Broadford State Motorcycle Sports Complex. Col is pretty excited about the potential at this venue, and not only about cyclocross. With a huge area that includes beautifully maintained tarmac as well as swathes of dirt, event facilities like registration offices and showers, road and mtb races could also take place here.

As the venue is designed to host sporting events it means that much of the time previously spent in negotiating permits and permissions will also be freed up to focus on the racing, and who knows, staired features? Did we mention there’s camping? How good is that!

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