Velo-city Global Adelaide 2014

bikesThe Velo-city Global conference last week brought 600+ delegates from all over Australia and the world to Adelaide and provided some serious networking, ideas and expertise sharing, not to mention the dancing! There was also the opportunity for lots of fun with the locals as well through the Velo-fringe program and some other unofficial events.

A half hour radio program can’t even begin to scratch the surface but we thought we’d give it a shot anyway. Val Nagle and I invited another Melbourne delegate, Nik Dow of Freestyle Cyclists onto the Yarra BUG Radio Show on 3CR Monday June 2nd to run through the highlights and big issues from the conference.

You can listen to the podcast of the show here:



Cities and Bikes on the radio

3CR-bikesOk, so this is a bit of a dry old podcast. Val and I didn’t have a studio guest last Monday, May 19th. We spent a pretty relaxed show, shared our bike moments, which included one from The Sweet Cycle in Rutherglen. We skimmed over the City of Melbourne’s draft budget and some of the projects involved in that while also discussing the frustrations of new bike infrastructure that just never seems to be quite good enough. Is it growing pains?

And a side note, Cathy Oke, City of Melbourne Councillor and Chair of the Future Melbourne (Transport) Committee, wasn’t able to join us for this programme but will be joining us Monday June 16th so we’ll be continuing the discussion then.

We also talk about the upcoming Velo-city Global Conference in Adelaide. We’ll be having more on that June 2nd when Nick Dow and myself will be bringing back our perspectives on the conference and everything under discussion there. Listen to the May 19th 3CR Yarra BUG Radio Show podcast here.

Dirt and Gravel


Val and I were joined by Blakey, or Andrew Blake, the enabler of Melbourne’s bike world, for an episode of the Yarra BUG Radio Show. After meandering through some recent news we moved on to chat about Melbourne Gravel Grinders in general, and their recent 11th ride in particular.

There is another ride coming up soon so now might be a good time to catch up with this podcast. It’s actually from the 5th of May so has taken me a while to get around to putting it up. In the iTunes list it’s dated, strangely enough, May 4th. No photos from the studio as dropping my phone in the sink was only one of that mornings many disasters! Make sure you check out the Gravel Grinders link as details of their 12th ride have now been announced.

Tune into the podcast here; Yarra BIKe Radio Show on 3CR with Andrew Blake.