Miyazaki dreaming in Niseko

There's a gorgeous house nestled amongst birch trees in the foothills of Mt Annupuri, Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan. In winter there is sixteen metres of powdery snow each year, in summer and autumn the wind rustles the leaves and the red farmhouse rooves glow in landscapes you'll know from Miyazaki films. Totoro is around every corner.┬áNo… Continue reading Miyazaki dreaming in Niseko

Nothing’s crook in Tallarook

Tallarook was the starting point for our very first ever three day ride with The Flipster. It's only one hour from Melbourne, or slightly less, whether that's by train or car, and as the starting point for the Great Victorian Rail Trail there was nothing crook about it at all. The Great Victorian Rail Trail… Continue reading Nothing’s crook in Tallarook

Holiday in Cambodia

I found myself riding with a monologue in my head that went "Oh, well, this is ok! This isn't bad. Not bad at all! I could get used to ... OH! F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck!". Phnom Penh. Like many south-east asian cities, traffic there is possessed of its own particular logic, at first invisible to… Continue reading Holiday in Cambodia