Great Cycling Challenge

2013-10-04 10.49.30In a transparent attempt to try and justify spending a bit more time riding and a bit less sitting behind a desk, I’ve signed up for the Children’s Medical Research Institute’s Great Cycling Challenge.

The Challenge involves me nominating how far I will ride during the month of October, and you, sponsoring me to help fundraise for money towards cancer research. Specifically, research into curing cancer in kids.

2013-10-04 10.50.05

Both my riding and fundraising targets are pretty conservative. 1000kms, $1000. So thats one dollar for every kilometre I ride. Which I think is only fair.

If per chance you do like to support these charities then you can jump on over here to make a donation. Every $5 helps!

All the questions

As someone who regularly has to think about what questions to ask an interview subject I’ve often wondered how those questions appear to the subject themselves. Sometimes when a writer hands in a story I’ve comissioned, I’ll find myself trying to work out what questions they asked from the story they’ve handed in. I know, its almost impossible to do so, but still find myself quizzing over it. Email interviews are the worst, your questions are there, set in stone so to speak, and evoke often very different reactions than if the same questions had been part of a conversation.

So, its a novel experience to be on the receiving end. When I was contacted by A City with Quirk for an interview I thought it might be a bit of fun. The questions that were sent to me, from writer Mark Lawrence, showed someone had done their research, enough so that I felt compelled to put a bit more effort into my responses. What I really enjoyed about it was coming away from the experience feeling that I’d discovered something new! Great questions can force you to consider connections, in this case, between different areas of work, in a way that you haven’t before. I think as an interviewer you’d have to be pretty happy with that!

If you’d like to read the interview you can do so¬†here.

Holiday in Cambodia


Recently the Flipster and I were lucky enough to spend a week in Cambodia. After our brief stay in Phnom Penh and a rural village just outside Tani we’ve come back ready for the Melbourne winter. One project I’ve been neglecting is getting this blog/site going again. Started in 2001, it has fallen into a sad state in the last few years. Time to do something about it