The Yarra Bike Radio Show

3CR is one of Melbourne’s oldest community radio stations and has hosted the Yarra Bike Radio Show for the last five years. The Yarra Bike Radio Show, or Yarra Bike as it is now called, was an initiative of Yarra BUG and for half an hour every Monday morning at 10.00am  covers all aspects of riding but especially local riding news to Melbourne’s inner-north.

There are currently four presenters on the Yarra Bike Radio Show, Chris Starr and Steve Barnett alternate weeks with Val Nagle and myself. You can tune in Monday mornings at 855 on the AM dial in Melbourne or listen live streaming from 3CR.

You can listen to a couple of our podcasts here or hop over to here for all five years worth!

Monday June 2012 with studio guest Mick Peel from Busyman Bicycles

Monday June 4th 2012 with poet Eleanor Jackson

Monday June 3rd 2013 with studio guest Andy White

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