more wheels

I was wondering yesterday just why I’ve blogged so infrequently about 30 days of biking. I think the problem is that most of our cycling just isn’t all that exciting. It’s generally very pleasant but not worth reporting on frequently.

Its the everyday stuff we do all the time, ride to school, ride home, ride to swimming, ride to the shops, ride to friend’s houses… you get the picture. Our weekends have been too busy for any special “purely for fun” rides so there’s no pretty pics, no special observations, no great discoveries. I have promised to review Bicycling Australia’s Where to Ride so am hoping to review a couple of the rides in there with The Flipster. Maybe that will give us something to post about!

The other thing I noticed about 30 days of biking is that it is still permeated with the idea that cycling is an activity, or means of transport, requiring special ingenuity, not to mention, equipment, planning, resourcfullness etc. Look at this “helpful” list of Rain Riding Tips. Its enough to put any one off!

BTW, this is my first post using my new Wacom tablet! mooi! 😉

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