It’s been a few weeks now since I pedalled away from school after drop-off to be almost run off the road by a white ute the size of a small apartment hurtling down the center of the road. As it flashed past I only just caught a brief glimpse of the driver. It was Vasili from Vasili’s Garden. Fortunately, my near-death experience wasn’t compelling enough to distract me from the fact that he could only just see over the steering wheel.

Vasilis spent that day filming many of the kids from The Flipster’s school and their vegetable garden for his series on Channel 31. For the next few weeks you can view the programme here. The Flipster is wearing his Cuba t-shirt and appears mostly towards the end of the programme.

The produce from the garden is sold at the school’s weekly Friday Markets. At the moment we’re enjoying coriander, dill and native mint from the garden. We will be selling more herbs at the school on election day.

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