of hats

Late night shopping on ebay is almost never a good idea. Certainly not after a couple of glasses of wine. I woke up one recent Sunday morning to discover myself the proud owner of the following;

-several vintage hats
-two skeins of harris knitting wool from, you guessed it, Harris in the UK
-a pair of black-rimmed glasses
-a Kenworth truck belt buckle (WTF?)

Personally I don’t believe it is possible to own too many hats but the Dutchman may disagree, especially when they are being shipped from far away places. As for the Kenworth belt buckle, I’m assuming that’s for The Flipster. Meanwhile, this below, is the hat I really wanted.
I would sell my soul for this hat
Three sizes too small even I couldn’t kid myself there would be as way to make it fit. I would sell my soul for it to fit. Unfortunately, as of yet, there have been no takers.

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