By design

Saturday I managed to find time to catch up with a friend and spend a couple of hours trawling around D.M.T at the Exhibition Building, part of the State of Design Festival. I arrived just in time to see a huge launch of paper planes from attendees of The Paper Plane Academy before heading inside to check out the stands. We really enjoyed Scale vs. Status hosted by Green. The MakeDo table was buzzing and the long tables with exhibits from Materia were fascinating and addictive. One of my personal favourite’s was Trent Jansen’s reflectors for bicycles (available for one week from here ) as well as the furniture by George Harper at Tide, Smoking Gun’s skateboards and Tongue and Groove‘s lighting and furniture. I did see lots of great textiles, laptop cases and jewellery but maybe just a tiny bit too much felt. Is that mean? I know felt is fabulous stuff on so many levels but I think we are approaching some sort of critical mass with respect to felt products.

The Design Files have done a much better round-up than I could plus they have lots of great photos so you really should go over there to have a proper look.

State of Design continues over the coming week. I’m hoping to simultaneously be in Castlemaine for the Open House Day and Melbourne for a day of Cycling Forums and Discussions this coming Saturday. Will let you know how being in two places at once works out!

Luckily many of the exhibitions that are on allow for a bit more flexibility!

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